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[Article 1] Name

This association is called "Asia Ethno-Forms Association (AEA)".

The English name is "Asia Ethno-Forms Association".


[Article 2] Purpose

The association will pursue the essence of the “KOKORO (origin/feeling)” and “shape” related to the lives of Asian people, understand the cultures of various ethnic groups in Asia, and promote mutual exchanges between domestic and foreign members.


[Article 3] Business

The association will carry out the following projects in order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.

  1. Exploration of various ethnic cultures and modeling in Asia and presentation of research results

  2. Exhibition and poster session

  3. Holding lectures, workshops, and tours

  4. Publication of academic journals and other publications

  5. Exchange of information between members, joint research, and promotion and activation of group activities, etc.

  6. Other necessary matters


[Article 4] Member

A member who agrees with the purpose set forth in Article 2, is recommended by one member, and is approved by the board of directors.

Members are regular members, student members, supporting members, and honorary members.


[Article 5] General Assembly

  1. A general meeting is held once a year.

  2. The general meeting is established with the attendance of a majority of the members.

  3. The vote of the general meeting is by majority vote.

  4. Changes to the constitution and important matters shall be decided by the board of directors and approved by the general meeting.

  5. Hold an extraordinary general meeting as necessary.


[Article 6] Journal of the Association

The association publishes the journal of the Asian Folk Art Society once a year.

Articles to be published include reviews, dissertations, research notes, research reports, exhibition reports, explanations of modeling techniques, explanations of materials (historical materials), explanations of works, and other editorial committees.

Research papers can be published after being peer-reviewed by multiple people by the peer-reviewed committee, and can be published or not published after being revised and re-reviewed. In addition, research notes, research reports, exhibition reports, modeling technique explanations, material (historical materials) explanations, and work explanations will also be peer-reviewed. Modeled works and other works deemed necessary by the editorial board can be posted by peer review, and can be posted or not posted after re-examination after correction. Peer review is by multiple directors appointed by the Peer Review Committee.


[Article 7] Executive Officer

The following officers will be appointed to manage the association.

1 chairman

2 Vice Chairmen

10 people or less

Some auditors

Branch manager Each country, each region


[Article 8] Appointment of officers

  1. The president represents the Society and supervises the affairs. The chairman is appointed from among the directors. The term of office will be one year from the general meeting of the academic society to the next general meeting, and resignation will not be hindered.

  2. After the term of office of the president, he will become an honorary member of the Society.

  3. The vice chairman shall be appointed by the chairman and the term of office shall be one year. However, reassignment is not hindered.

  4. The term of office of directors shall be two years. However, reassignment is not hindered.

  5.  Auditors are appointed by the board of directors.

  6. With the approval of the board of directors, branches may be set up in each country and region.

  7. With the approval of the board of directors, an advisor may be appointed.


[Article 9] Management and business of the association

The expenses required for the operation and business of the Society will be covered by membership fees and donations. Research presenters and exhibitors must pay the registration fee. However, the amount will be decided by the board of directors each time.


[Article 10] Membership

Members pay the following membership fees.

Regular member annual amount 5,000 yen

Student member annual amount 1,000 yen

Supporting member annual amount 20,000 yen

The paid membership fee will not be repaid.


The fiscal year is from April 1st of the current fiscal year to March 31st of the following fiscal year. If you fail to pay the membership fee for more than 2 years, you will lose your membership status.

If the honor of the Society is significantly damaged, it will be ordered to withdraw after a resolution of the Board of Directors.


[Article 11] Secretariat

The secretariat of the Society will be located in Chiyoda Ward.


[Article 12] Processing of business affairs

A few secretaries will be assigned to handle the meeting.


[Article 13] Title of Member

Those who have made significant contributions to the Society will be recommended to Honorary Members based on a resolution of the Board of Directors and will be awarded with the approval of the General Assembly.


Established on September 20, 1996

Revised on August 10, 1999

Revised on December 20, 2005

Revised on March 31, 2008

Revised on March 31, 2009

Revised on February 28, 2015

Revised on April 1, 2017

Revised on August 16, 2018

Revised on September 25, 2020

Revised on April 16, 2021

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