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Board Member Introduction

Chairman Mr. Etsuo Yamamoto

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1934. Graduated from the Faculty of Law from Kyushu University. Study abroad at the Graduate School of Economics in University of Florida, USA. In 1970, established a company specializing in importing folk crafts, handicrafts from around the world. Advisor of the International Seia company. Doctoral Dissertation Jury of Department of Art History, Benares Hindu University, India. President of the International Garuda Society. A researcher of bird and snake mythology. Member of the Oxus Society. Literature magazine Doujin "Four People" Doujinshi.


[Major Books]

"Snake and Nietzsche" Soei publication, "Garuda's Journey" Japan Bali Association, "Chasing Birds and Snakes: Myth of Birds and Snakes" International Seia Co., Ltd., "Let's Go to India" Fusosha publication, etc.

Vice Chairman Mr. Koichi Ishikawa

Born in 1949. After graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, worked at the Japan Trade Promotion Association (JETRO) and the International Trade and Investment Institute (ITI). In April 2005, he became a professor at the Asian Institute of Asia University and Research Fellow at the Asian Institute of Asia University from April 2019. He is the specialist of the economic integration in ASEAN and in Asia.


[Major Books]

"Establishment of ASEAN Economic Community and Japan" (co-author, 2016, Bunshindo), "Development of Asia and regional integration in search of new international cooperation" (co-author, 2015, Nihon Hyoronsha), etc.

Vice Chairman Mr. Sekijo Nakamura

Natural painter, former chairman of Matsumoto City Cultural Association


​ Director Dr. Manita Shrestha

Born in Nepal. Doctor of Education. Part-time Lecturer at Sagami Women's University, Deputy Director of Yokohama International Student House, Ph.Ð (Education).

Director Mr. Tetsuo Tsukada

President of International Service Center, Chinese art research collector

​ Director Ms Takako Matsuki Maria


Director Mr. Michio Mizuno

Born December 22, 1958 in Chiba prefecture. Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Literature (1983-1984, studied abroad in Beijing Language and Culture University). In 1985, joined Yasuda Trust & Banking, served as the Asia Office of the Overseas Management Department and the Beijing Representative Office. Joined Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance in 1998 and is a researcher at Sompo Japan Research Institute. In 2015, director of the school corporation Hanazawa Gakuen, Representative Director of Mizuno & Associates Co., Ltd., Representative Director of Orfriends Co., Ltd.


[Major Books]

"New Kazusa 33 Kannon Pilgrimage" Chiba daily, "Chinese Business" JTB publishing, "Pocket Edition: Chinese Conversation Handbook" Nitto publication, etc.

​Director Mr. Takashi Hasegawa

1983 Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (Nepal), SEWA Association

​Director Ms Junko Yamamoto

Director and Vice President of International Seia Co., Ltd.

​ Director Ms Miyako Yonezawa

(Yes) Miyako Representative Director

Auditor Dr. Nameshida Takashi

Lifetime honorary employee of Mainichi Shimbun. Member of the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization project evaluation committee. Member of the Cabinet Office Green Academic Award recommendation committee. Councilor of the Green Circulation Certification Council. Ph.Ð (Political Science).

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